Old Shoe at the Canopy Club

It's Friday everybody, and that means we're all talking about what we're doing this weekend. I don't know about you, but I know what I'm doing tomorrow: seeing one of Chicago's premier musical groups at the Canopy Club: the illustrious Old Shoe.

Upcoming shows and a few hidden gems

Well, the snow is here, and it's a bummer. Having said that, the schedule of music coming to the Canopy Club over the next few months should help you fight off the icy grip of winter.

A Wintry Treat For the Ears

This time of year can be a bit bleak and dreary, with darkness falling far too early and the cold sticking around far too long. Music tends to be the one thing to break the icy grip of winter on middle America, and I recently discovered an album on my computer that is the perfect cure for frozen woes: The Snow Goose by the prog-rock group Camel.

First Round of Summer Camp Artists Announced

So it's difficult to keep my hands from shaking while I write this. They've just finished up the first round of Summer Camp artists for 2015, and it is already too stacked to believe.

The Weirdness that is Ween

I try to generally listen to unique music. Stuff that's under the radar, stuff you really have to do some digging to truly appreciate. I find it generally to be a rewarding experience (at the risk of sounding pretentious). However, even the casual music fan will acknowledge that truly original, unique music is exceedingly rare in this age of auto-tune pop nightmares.

A Little Bit of Everything

So I usually write about some sort of jam band or some festival or other. I'm trying to break away from that and listen to some new stuff that normally doesn't cross my radar.

Recovering from Phases

Well I finally feel like I've gotten over the weekend. It was such an insane experience. I thought I knew what to expect going into it, but this was a different kind of event for me.

First Look at Phases

Well, by now the word has circulated about the initial spat of bad weather and hours-long waits in cars on the side of the road. Yes, the inaugural Phases of the Moon festival in Danville has run into some problems, but all things considered, there are quite a few things I was impressed by. Once the stages were up and running and the music started, the problems started to fade away.

Jazz Fusion and Cave Music

By now we've all heard about Phases of the Moon next weekend. It's sure to be a good time, and we'll get to that in a moment, because there are some bands playing the fest that are just out of this world.

But first I want to talk about one of my new musical obsessions: Brooklyn, New York's Snarky Puppy. They are the future of music.