Interview With Boy Apollo

Champaign is home to a vibrant music scene; we have Pygmalion, the Canopy Club, live music downtown virtually every weekend, and we are ideally situated from a variety of different festivals and other events every year.

Metal at the Castle

Fans of heavy music, rejoice! For many reasons; the glory of the shredding solo, the thunder of the drums, the mosh pits. But right now, rejoice for the coming of Between the Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders to the Castle Theatre in Bloomington this August, with The Contortionist opening.

Summer Camp Round 3

Summer Camp released the third and final round of artists playing the festival this afternoon, and I have to say it looks to be the best year in a while. After the initial excitement of the big name acts, I was hoping there would be a solid base of smaller groups, particularly bands that are new to Summer Camp; the lineup does not disappoint.

Funkathon and More Ahead

Last week was a good week for fans of the funk. Thursday saw the Canopy hosting Brooklyn-based funk legends Lettuce throwing down their big city slam after a solid opening set from electro duo Break Science.

The String Cheese Incident in Chicago

            The Midwest is home to a great many music events every year, and there are some truly outstanding acts out there. This weekend, however, Chicago plays host to some guests from Colorado: The String Cheese Incident.

Old Shoe at the Canopy Club

It's Friday everybody, and that means we're all talking about what we're doing this weekend. I don't know about you, but I know what I'm doing tomorrow: seeing one of Chicago's premier musical groups at the Canopy Club: the illustrious Old Shoe.

Upcoming shows and a few hidden gems

Well, the snow is here, and it's a bummer. Having said that, the schedule of music coming to the Canopy Club over the next few months should help you fight off the icy grip of winter.

A Wintry Treat For the Ears

This time of year can be a bit bleak and dreary, with darkness falling far too early and the cold sticking around far too long. Music tends to be the one thing to break the icy grip of winter on middle America, and I recently discovered an album on my computer that is the perfect cure for frozen woes: The Snow Goose by the prog-rock group Camel.

First Round of Summer Camp Artists Announced

So it's difficult to keep my hands from shaking while I write this. They've just finished up the first round of Summer Camp artists for 2015, and it is already too stacked to believe.