Playlist of the Day

With Shoe Fest coming up, I find it even harder to stop listening to music than usual. So I thought I would share with the wide wide world what kind of music one can expect to hear at Shoe Fest (not all of these bands will be playing Shoe Fest, but it gets the same vibe across).

1. "Possum"--Phish

Two weeks til Shoe Fest!

I can't believe it crept up on me like this, but I sure am happy it did: Shoe Fest in two weeks! For those who don't know, Shoe Fest is a three-day music and camping festival in Manteno, about 15 minutes outside Kankakee in beautiful Camp Shaw.

New Protest the Hero Album due in October

My posts lately have been mostly centered around jam bands and the like, so today I would like to depart from the norm and talk about one of the few remaining acts in metal that isn't garbage. Canadian spaz-rockers Protest the Hero have finally unveiled that their new album, entitled Volition, will be hitting shelves on October 29th.

Summer Blues

As summer nears its end, I look back on the music I've taken in over the past few months. It's been pretty awesome, and I didn't even see a fraction of what there was to enjoy. Fortunately, there are still several upcoming events that keep me going and looking forward to them. This Friday is Umphrey's McGee and STS9 at White River in Indianapolis.

Phish in Chicago

Having finally had my first Phish experience, I'm still reeling a little from the weekend. After severe weather forced them to cancel their second set on Friday night, the Vermont quartet came back onstage Saturday night and played a blistering marathon of a three-set show. Sunday night started off easy before picking up steam into an epic finale that left the venue rocked to the bones.

Umphrey's Rocks Peoria

So I realize that I'm supposed to have a certain amount of objectivity when reviewing a show. Having said that, this article is going to be gushing, simply because I can't find anything wrong with the show last night. Simply put, it was spectacular. Umphrey's McGee on the Riverfront in Peoria, once again with a special guest.

Shoe Fest Artists Round 3

Shoe Fest released the third round of artists for this year.

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

So I was going through a bunch of music that I hadn't listened to in a while, and I found a massive archive of old Phish/Trey Anastasio stuff. One of the files was called The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, and seeing as how it contained some Phish songs like "The Lizards", "Possum," and "Wilson", I did some reading on the subject.

My Study Playlist

So this summer I'm finishing up my electives and I have to write and read a ton of French. Like, hours every day. So I decided I might as well check out some tunes I haven't heard before or haven't listened to in a long time, and these have been the standouts of the past few weeks. In no particular order: