Summer Camp 2017 To Remain in Chillicothe

Summer Camp Music Festival 2017
Announcing 2017 Dates and Location

Jay Goldberg Events and Entertainment is proud to present the 17th annual Summer Camp Music Festival at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL on May 26, 27, and 28, 2017.

Five Albums to Start Winter With

As an absolutely exhausting 2016 comes to a close and winter sinks its claws in for the long haul, music is one of the best remedies for the oppressive darkness and cold of the coming few months. I’ve been delving deep into the murky corners of absurd music lately, and I’ve found some real gems that will keep me motivated throughout the harsh months ahead.

New Lettuce EP - Mt. Crushmore

Funk music is some of the most entertaining stuff out there. Brash and boisterous, it always gets you up out of your seat and grooving. Add in a dash of psychedelia and you have my full attention! Now that I’ve set the scene, let’s talk about Lettuce’s new EP, Mt. Crushmore.

Moonalice - High 5 Review

Moonalice has existed on the periphery of my musical world for some time now. They first popped up on my Facebook feed with their excellent allusions to “Moonalice legend”, usually followed by a picture of an adorable baby owl or something similar.

Charity Show In Town Tonight!

October 22 House Concert Will Benefit Haiti Relief Efforts

(Urbana, IL) October 12, 2016-“We have some great artists scheduled to perform and a very worthy cause to support,” says John McNally describing the Conscious House Concert which will be held on October 22 at the Ananda Liina Yoga Center in Northeast Urbana.

Moon Taxi at the Canopy: Review and Photos

The Canopy Club lit up on Saturday night for Nashville-based space rockers Moon Taxi. Their spindly dual guitars, squishy organ, and the soaring voice of lead vocalist Trevor Terndrup all swirled into a blissful concoction of southern-inflected prog-jam with dashes of sparkly indie music thrown in for good measure.

Moon Taxi at the Canopy!

The Canopy has a lot of different music every year, from EDM to funk, bluegrass to hip hop, and everything in between. This Saturday, Nashville-based prog-jam outfit Moon Taxi comes to the stage, with their upbeat dancy space jams.

Lettuce Brings Down the House at the Canopy

Fans of funk music were in for a treat on Wedneday night, as Brooklyn legends Lettuce turned the Canopy Club into a nonstop groove train with dashes of psychedelia. Lettuce has a stellar reputation for good reason; their live shows are bombastic, earth-shaking affairs, replete with stuttering, machine-gun horns, thunderous bass, splashy keyboards, crunchy guitar, and commanding drums.

Chicago Farmer's New Album Almost Too Good

This summer was a flurry of activity in the music scene, with new albums, reunion tours, festivals both large and small, and seemingly a band playing every night, somewhere and somehow. It has been difficult to catch everything, and indeed some things fall through the cracks.