Five Albums For This Weather

I love this cold, rainy weather. I feel renewed and refreshed, if a bit chilly at times. However, I realize it is not for everyone. So here are some albums that I think are great for curling up and listening to while you read a good book, possibly with hot chocolate. Hopefully you'll agree!

1. The Pineapple Thief -- Tightly Unwound

Summer Camp Announces Round 1 of 2016 Lineup

Well, it's that time of year again. The early-bird Summer Camp tickets are on sale, and everyone is already geared up for the festival (so what if it's still five months away?). Even better, the first round of artists has been released! Check it out:

Strange Arrangement

A few years ago, in the long-forgotten era of 2012, at my very first Shoe Fest, my friend and I were standing dumbstruck under the pavilion watching a band called Strange Arrangement just tear it up onstage. I had seen them a couple times, but my friend (who was at his very first festival ever) was just staring, slack-jawed and looking like his brain had melted out of his ears.

Interview With Matt Robinson

Anyone who's read my posts before knows I'm a big fan of Old Shoe, and anyone who has seen them knows why. I've been fortunate enough to document Shoe Fest since 2012 and I make sure to see them whenever I can, because it's always a great time.

Seven Albums You Should Give A Shot

So it's been a while since I wrote anything. I went on a Captain Beefheart listening spree and was working on something focused on him, but it ended up being a crazy amount of pages long and very meandering. So instead I thought I would just share with you some stuff I've been listening to lately.

Ween Reunites!

By now word has spread quickly throughout the music community: legendary genre-defying experimental rockers Ween are back. This resulted in some of the worst ticket anxiety I myself have ever personally experienced, but I was able to get my blood pressure down to normal before lunch break ended yesterday.

All Instrumental

Lyrics are sometimes the best parts of a song. Songwriters dig deep into the vast well of human emotion and history to find a combination of words that can move the soul to anger, laughter or uninterrupted tears.

Music For Rainy Days

I love rain. It cools us off, refreshes the earth, brings out the green, and gives me an excuse to hole up and play video games and listen to music and read. It is the official weather of hermits everywhere.

Five Albums You Should Listen To Today

Just a few albums I thought merited sharing with you.

1. Like Swimming -- Morphine.

Morphine was a band in the 90s built around experimental homemade instruments and multiple saxophones played simultaneously. It sounds like underwater lounge jazz with just enough grunge to make you get out the old flannel shirt and put on your best brooding face. Very cool.