Paws and Reflect

It's Peak Season for Homeless Kittens

The staff at the Champaign County Humane Society and I are hoping for a good turn out at this Saturday's "Kitten Shower" adoption event.  As of last week, our shelter had about 80 more animal residents than it did at this same time last year.  It would sure be nice to see our population go down after this weekend, instead of up!

Walk This Way

Coming from Behind -- Meet Delta

I hope you'll click over to the "Pups Is Pups" blog and read Delta's story.  And share it with your friends. 

Responsibility! Don't Shoot the Dog . . . and Don't Blame the Breed

Last night, a report ran on local television news about the fatal shooting of a dog in Broadlands.  The report indicated that people in the community are upset, and that the shooter is now calling for a ban on Pit Bull dogs in Broadlands.

I suggest we take the rhetoric down a notch and take a look at what we know . . .

The Divine Miss P

Vanity Swine’s Hollywood reporter, Charlotte Zhu, interviews Miss Pigglesworth, a Potbelly Pig available for adoption at the Champaign County Humane Society.

Pet U Offers Advice for Parents of Pets and Children

I've briefly touched on the topic before but for all the parents or soon-to-be parents out there, on February 7th, Pet U is offering a class on how best to manage families that include babies or children and dogs or cats.  I hope you'll mark your calendar.

Last Adoption Promotion of 2010!

The final "Home for the Holidays" promotion at the Champaign County Humane Society is going on this week, through January 3rd.  To encourage adoption of our littlest residents, adoption fees for small animals are being reduced by 50%. 

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