Paws and Reflect (May 2010)

Pet Store Disclosure Law Passes Illinois Senate!

More good news!  Yesterday, the Illinois state legislature unanimously passed a bill that protects consumers by requiring pet shops to disclose information about the animals they offer for sale.  

Puppy Mills Finally Hit the Radar Screen in Washington!

Finally!  The truth about USDA licensed dog breeders and lax enforcement of animal welfare laws at puppy mills is being revealed and acknowledged by officials -- and thanks to Senators Dick Durbin and David Vitter, there is at least some hope that something will be done. 

Flippers II - Beware the "Rescue" that Isn't What it Seems

Last week I told you about dog flippers – people who misrepresent themselves and their motives in the process of obtaining a dog from an individual or a family – only to turn around and sell the dog for a profit.  Jim Dey’s column in Saturday’s edition of The News-Gazette told the story as well.

Three Marathons – Mavidea, Diva, and Yoga

The Mavidea Marathon

They're Calling Me "Quarry Cat"

Today's post was penned by Quarry Cat, a two-year-old neutered male cat, available for adoption at the Champaign County Humane Society.

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