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Flippers II - Beware the "Rescue" that Isn't What it Seems

Last week I told you about dog flippers – people who misrepresent themselves and their motives in the process of obtaining a dog from an individual or a family – only to turn around and sell the dog for a profit.  Jim Dey’s column in Saturday’s edition of The News-Gazette told the story as well.

Three Marathons – Mavidea, Diva, and Yoga

The Mavidea Marathon

They're Calling Me "Quarry Cat"

Today's post was penned by Quarry Cat, a two-year-old neutered male cat, available for adoption at the Champaign County Humane Society.

Stamps to the Rescue!

Last Friday the USPS issued its new “Adopt a Shelter Pet” commemorative first class stamps (pictured below).  The stamps are based on photographs of cats and dogs from shelters and rescue groups taken by veteran stamp photographer, Sally Andersen-Bruce.  In case you’re wondering, all of the animals pictured on the stamps have been adopted.

Flipping Dogs

Unfortunately I’m not referring to dogs doing gymnastics.  “Flipping dogs” refers to a money-making practice similar to flipping houses.  The flipper obtains dogs for free or at a low cost by responding to ads in newspapers or on Craig’s List.  The flipper then advertises those same dogs for sale on Craig’s List for a higher price.

The Gist of the Supreme Court's Ruling in US v. Stevens - and Some Expounding on Animal Cruelty Legislation

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in United States v. Stevens.  The court’s ruling struck down a 1999 law aimed at stopping the creation and distribution of “crush videos,” which typically depict women crushing small animals with high-heeled shoes or their bare feet. 

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