Playing Critic (April 2011)

Playing Critic (April 2011)

You should be playing "Portal 2"

I love “Portal 2.” L-U-V, love it.

OK, if you follow my Twitter account or Facebook page at all, you might be inclined to believe that I made up my mind about that fact long before I ever played the game.

Fighting aliens has never looked as good as it does in "Crysis 2"

The battleground: New York.

Aliens have invaded, and most of the population is dead or dying, thanks to a plague sweeping the city.

You are a Marine called Alcatraz, a member of a squad sent covertly into Manhattan to make contact with an important scientist and evacuate him from the city.

Find out where you stand in the world of "Dragon Age 2"

The world of “Dragon Age 2” is a nice place to visit, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there.