Playing Critic (May 2011)

Playing Critic (May 2011)

Did heaven want my console?

Well, this sucks. Earlier today, my PlayStation 3 was lost to the Rapture.

That's how I think of its fatal hardware error, anyway, which happened right at about 6 p.m., the time forecast for the beginning of the end.

'Brink's' reach exceeds its grasp; still fun though

“Brink” is a game that reaches for the stars ... and falls short.

It’s chock full of interesting and somewhat daring new game-play ideas, but most of them don’t feel fully fleshed out. The result is a game that is good, but not great or brilliant.

Latest "Mortal Kombat" restores game's greatness

I remember the day well. It was in 1992, and I was a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I had wandered into my campus arcade inside Brady Commons, a regular haunt of mine, to find a new game had been installed.

Racin' Pro game controller's seat solid, but wheel's a little weak

Steering-wheel controllers, used by players to make their driving games feel more realistic, are nothing new.