Did heaven want my console?

Did heaven want my console?

Well, this sucks. Earlier today, my PlayStation 3 was lost to the Rapture.

That's how I think of its fatal hardware error, anyway, which happened right at about 6 p.m., the time forecast for the beginning of the end.

The machine's death knell is of the green-yellow-then perpetually blinking red light variety, which according to Sony's troubleshooting tips, means it's time to send it in for service.

It ruined my plans for a day spent at the races, with "MotoGP 10/11," "Shift 2 Unleashed" and "DiRT 3." Worst of all, the "MotoGP" disc is trapped in the damned thing -- and a special eject sequence has done nothing to free it.

The long and short of it: Yargh.

Now I'll be even further behind in getting certain games reviewed before E3 unless I run out and buy a replacement to tide me over until the now-broken one is fixed. (It's a launch day model, which means it plays PS2 games, so I'm definitely not abandoning it.)

And buying a "temporary" replacement isn't as outlandish and desperate an idea as it might sound, because my girlfriend really wants one of her own. So it should all work out in the end.

6/2/11 Update: Got my shipping box from Sony yesterday. Sent it off through FedEx today. Its estimated delivery day is 6/7. Let's see how long this all takes.

Belated Update: My PlayStation 3 was returned to me alive and well on 6/10/11, while I was still in Los Angeles, even though E3 had ended the day before. I had to reformat my hard drive completely and install the latest system update, but it is working fine. And the "MotoGP" disc was returned too.


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