Sony apologizes, then brings the games

Sony apologizes, then brings the games

Sony Computer Entertainment America began its press conference Monday night at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles the only way that seemed appropriate: with an apology.

Jack Tretton, the Sony group's president, immediately confronted the security breaches that brought Sony's PlayStation Network down for several weeks and exposed user's sensitive data to hackers. He said "I want to apologize, both personally and professionally, for any anxiety we caused you."

He then pledged that Sony is working to make its systems more secure.

From that point on in the press conference, it was all about the games and devices Sony plans to release in the months and years ahead.

One of the company's main focuses in its announcements Monday was its continued dedication to promoting 3-D for video games, showing off clips of central potential blockbusters, such as "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" and "Resistance 3" using the technology.

And saying that the company recognizes that the cost of 3-D televisions is a prohibitive factor for many people, Sony announced it was releasing its own PlayStation-branded 3-D monitor for $499 -- complete with cords, a pair of active shutter glasses for viewing 3-D, and a copy of "Resistance 3." Extra pairs of glasses will be priced at $69.99 each.

Sony claims that its monitor will allow two players to play together on the same screen, with each player seeing a completely different image, thanks to its technology. This is meant to replace standard split-screen gaming, where each player's game is displayed on a small portion of the monitor.

It was also announced that a replacement for the aging PlayStation Portable (PSP) will be available this holiday season. Formerly codenamed NGP, the PlayStation Vita will have two analog sticks, a touch-screen and two rear touchpads, and will have cross-platform functionality with the PlayStation 3. For instance, a player will be able to save his progress in the dungeon hack-and-slash title "Ruin" on the PSVita and pick up at that point on the PS3.

The PSVita will be available in two different iterations. The first will be equipped with both wifi and 3G capability for $299. Sony is partnering exclusively with AT&T to provide the 3G service. The price for that 3G contract hasn't been announced.

The other model lacks the 3G capability. It's priced at $249.

Other games announced for the system include action-platformer "Uncharted: Golden Abyss," cart-racer "Modnation Racers" and 2-D fighting game "Street Fighter x Tekken."

Sony's other main focus was on the PlayStation Move control system, promising that it will be integrated in many upcoming games, from "Resistance 3" to "NBA 2K12" to "Bioshock Infinite."


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