Playing Critic (July 2011)

Playing Critic (July 2011)

Nintendo dropping price of 3DS to $169.99 on Aug. 12

Nintendo of America announced Thursday that it's dropping the price of its newest handheld gaming device, the 3DS, a little more than four months after it launched.

Currently priced at $249.99 at most retailers, the 3DS will be available for $169.99 at retail as of Aug. 12 — a savings of $80.

You might not feel F.E.A.R., but you will have a good time

It might seem odd to you, but I don't think of "F.E.A.R. 3" as a horror game.

Rugby demo on way; I irrationally hate Tails; Jillian Michaels is going tomb raiding; and loads of Capcom stuff

Thanks in part to Comic-Con in San Diego, which officially starts today (Thursday, June 21, 2011), I've got screenshots and some small news items to share. (I just wish I was actually at Comic-Con, instead of enduring our lovely Midwest heat wave, but hey, I can't have everything.)

Get in the scrum

'Captain America' a shield's throw or two away from greatness

I really want to send the developers of the new "Captain America: Super Soldier" back to the drawing board. However, I don't mean that statement as an insult.

Netflix software for 3DS is adequate; plus Shinobido 2 and Bloodrayne: Betrayal screens

The latest high-tech device to get the now-ubiquitous Netflix movie viewer is Nintendo’s 3DS.

I’ve spent some time playing around with it, and I’ve found it to be adequate — capable of playing decent-quality video without much in the way of loading time.

Yet it’s not as full-featured a viewer as is found on other devices.

Alice's shattered Wonderland a frighteningly good place for an adventure

How is a raven like a writing desk?

I dunno. I doubt the Mad Hatter does anymore either, considering what a ruin Wonderland has become.

Oh, maybe you hadn't heard.