Many Dovahkiin dreams are about to come true

Many Dovahkiin dreams are about to come true

When playing "Skyrim," did you ever shout "Fus Ro Dah!" at the screen instead of hitting the button, hoping it would somehow magically work?

Pretty soon, it actually will — as long as you are playing on an Xbox 360 with Kinect.

Yes, "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" is getting Kinect support — though only the voice-activated kind, not the arm-flailing, jumping up-and-down type.

According to Bethesda Softworks, the functionality will be available for free later this month as part of a title update, and it will allow more than 200 voice commands.

"Adding a new dimension to 'Skyrim’s' gameplay, the Kinect for Xbox 360 integration offers Voice Commands throughout the game including Dragon Shouts, Hotkey Equipping, Follower Commands, and all Menus (Items, Magic, Map, Barter, Container, Favorites, and Skills). With Voice Commands, quickly create and load saves during gameplay and access menus and inventories. 'Skyrim’s' Kinect for Xbox 360 Support also adds new functionality including special map functions, additional hotkey options, and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value," Bethesda said in a press release.

This sentence is a link to a video demonstrating some of the ways Kinect support will make "Skyrim" even cooler. (I'd just embed the video, but Bethesda requires it to be behind an age gate, which I don't have access to.)

I'm not sure what I like best about the idea. Yes, shouting words of power like a true Dovahkiin will undoubtedly be addicting, but switching weapons and spells on the fly with verbal commands or interacting with my huscarl without having to delve through countless menus? That's something to really shout for joy about.

In addition to announcing the Kinect support, Bethesda also confirmed it is "hard at work" in creating add-ons, initially exclusive to the Xbox 360, that will include new quests, locations and features. I'm assuming that will be paid DLC, however.


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