Color me skeptical about WatchDogs

Color me skeptical about WatchDogs

Early E3 buzz makes it seem that Ubisoft's "WatchDogs" will be the breakout surprise of this year's show.

If you watch the game-play demo at the official website,, you'll probably agree.

Yet now that I've had a few minutes to digest what I've seen, I'm not as gungho as a lot of the Internet seems to be.

The main character appears to have a lot of nifty high-tech tools to use to disrupt situations in order to gain a tactical advantage over his enemies. But what do we really see here?

He jams a bouncer's cellphone in order to create a distraction so he can sneak into an event. If traditional game logic comes into play, we'll be using that strategy repeatedly — and repetitively — to party crash throughout "WatchDogs". Hopefully the designers are smarter than that.

A little later in the demonstration, our "hero" incapicitates a security guard in order to exit the party, then just stands out on the sidewalk for a bit waiting for his target to arrive. Why isn't the rest of the security team following him from the building? If the AI is programmed intelligently, they'd be close on the protagonist's tail. That doesn't appear to be the case though.

Next, the "hero" disrupts the traffic system in order to cause a multicar pileup, so he can approach his target. Where do all these gunmen spring up from? They were randomly in the other cars involved in the crash? Is this the gun-totingist city ever? How do they know who to start shooting at? (OK, maybe our guy's bandana provides a clue.)

Still, presuming there would be plenty of innocent people involved in the accident, as the demonstration in fact shows, causing it was a real mean move on the player's part.

So, while I see many things I like in this game-play demo, I also see a lot of things I find worrisome. I hope my fears prove false, but only time will tell.


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