Playing Critic (August 2016)

Playing Critic (August 2016)

No Man's Sky: A whole lot to see, not much to do

All too often, when a game with a seemingly novel premise is first revealed to the public, many in the media — as well as everyday gamers — seem to lose their collective minds and begin to hype that title as the greatest thing ever.

Batman game breaks from the norm

Quite a few games have let players be Batman.

But “Batman — The Telltale Series: Episode One: The Realm of Shadows” is the first I can recall where the time spent as Bruce Wayne, the man behind the mask, is just as meaningful as the time spent punching out thugs.

Vault creator puts limits on your imagination

Vaults, the fallout shelters built by the fictional company Vault-Tec, have always been pivotal to the “Fallout” game universe — and a source of fascination for players.

They’re where the journey almost always begins, supposed bastions of civilization and safety sealed off from the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland that is the surface world.

'I Am Setsuna' offers old-school fun

“I Am Setsuna” is a traditional Japanese role-playing game.