Playing Critic

Playing Critic

Lucky folks in New York got to try hand at Mario simulation

"Super Mario 3D Land" for the Nintendo 3DS is coming out tomorrow. In celebration of that fact, Nintendo held a launch event at Military Island in New York City's Times Square. The following video makes me wish I could have attended. Oh, I'm not really jealous of the people who got to try out the game demo.

"Skyrim" keeps "Elder Scrolls" series on top of the world

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" should come with a huge warning label displayed prominently on the packaging:

Battlefield 3's a great game, but not up to unrealistic expectations

It's not always a good thing when a game is highly anticipated, because invariably, it just can't live up to the unrealistic expectations of gamers and game journalists.

"Battlefield 3," the latest first-person shooter from Electronic Arts' acclaimed developer DICE, falls into this trap.

Take a first look at GTA V

Rockstar Games has released the first trailer for "Grand Theft Auto V" and I've attempted to embed it below. It's my first time posting video here on Playing Critic, so I apologize if there's a hiccup. Also, no, there isn't a release date yet.

On the record, "Off the Record" is a cunning but lazy idea

"Dead Rising 2: Off the Record" is an excellent example of how the lazy can be cunning.

How else can I explain that Capcom has managed to create a "new" game by modestly altering an existing one?

'RAGE' pretty to look at, but a little too empty inside

Id Software, creator of such games as "Doom" and "Quake," has a new first-person shooter on the market, "RAGE."

Oddly enough, it's a bit of a misfire -- one that both draws and repels me. For every positive I can identify in the game-play, I find an equally compelling negative.

Don't get ripped off by Bodycount

I suspect I wouldn't have quite so many issues with "Bodycount" if it had just been released as a budget title. A $19.99 price tag would make up for many of its sins.

But no, this substandard shooter is retailing for $59.99, the same price as most top tier games. It's unconscionable.

"Bodycount" fails the racial sensitivity test

I recently started playing "Bodycount," a new first-person shooter published by Codemasters, on the Xbox 360. I'm only four or five missions into the game so far, so please keep in mind this article is not a review.

It's an indirect missive to Codemasters, asking them WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?!!

Choose your own path in "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"

Long before I started playing "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," I plotted in vain about how I'd behave in the game.

Some new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens

As promised, here's a bevy of newly released screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2, courtesy of Square-Enix. No, I don't have any explanation of what's going on in the images, other to say that Moogles tend to say "Kupo" alot.