Playing Critic

Playing Critic

The critic returns

I've been gone in spirit for a while, and I don't know that too many of you missed me. :-)

Regardless, I've decided to return and once again share with you my thoughts on the games I'm playing and news about what's coming.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered slated for release this spring

SEGA confirmed details Monday about its plan to release a remastered version of one of my all-time favorite PlayStation 3 games on the PS4, "Valkyria Chronicles." This re-release, slated for this spring, will include 1080p/60fps gameplay, Japanese and English audio support, all the original DLC, and adds trophy support. Retail price: $29.99.

Xbox One reversals sound good, but are they?

Oh Microsoft, what are we to do with you? Since debuting the Xbox One to a collective "meh" at E3, you've reversed yourself on almost every design decision you'd made.

Your draconian-sounding policies regarding used games? Gone.

Xbox One revealed, but I'm not impressed yet

Microsoft unveiled details about its next console earlier today (5/21/13), and I yawned my way through the entire presentation.

An early look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED has released its first batch of screenshots for the recently revealed "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

The previous games have been pretty fantastic, so I'm very hopeful they'll follow through on their promises that this game will be much bigger in scope.

A glimpse at 'Star Trek: The Video Game'

It won't be long before "Star Trek: The Video Game" hits store shelves — April 23, to be exact — so Paramount Pictures has released a bunch of screenshots in anticipation.

"Crysis 3's" weak story hamstrings strong game-play

Perhaps you've seen the commercial: An armored figure struts fearlessly through battle in a wooded glade, blasting away a pack of soldiers with a shotgun, smiting a military helicopter with a bow and arrow, leaping ferociously into a melee with vicious aliens — seemingly without a care in the world — as ZZ Top's "Sharp-Dressed Man" thunders in the background.

THQ plans sale of remaining properties, including "Red Faction"

Volition Inc.'s "Red Faction" and "Summoner" series may have a future after all.

The same can also be said for "Darksiders," "Homeworld," "MX," "Destroy All Humans," "de Blob" and pretty much every other THQ property that wasn't sold off in the company's auction last month.

Sony's PS4 reveal a lot of 'tell,' not much 'show'

As expected, Sony Computer Entertainment formally announced the PlayStation 4 on Wednesday night.

Yes, the new console’s name was predictable, but why waste brand recognition?