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Playing Critic

"Skyrim" keeps "Elder Scrolls" series on top of the world

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" should come with a huge warning label displayed prominently on the packaging:

Battlefield 3's a great game, but not up to unrealistic expectations

It's not always a good thing when a game is highly anticipated, because invariably, it just can't live up to the unrealistic expectations of gamers and game journalists.

"Battlefield 3," the latest first-person shooter from Electronic Arts' acclaimed developer DICE, falls into this trap.

Take a first look at GTA V

Rockstar Games has released the first trailer for "Grand Theft Auto V" and I've attempted to embed it below. It's my first time posting video here on Playing Critic, so I apologize if there's a hiccup. Also, no, there isn't a release date yet.

On the record, "Off the Record" is a cunning but lazy idea

"Dead Rising 2: Off the Record" is an excellent example of how the lazy can be cunning.

How else can I explain that Capcom has managed to create a "new" game by modestly altering an existing one?

'RAGE' pretty to look at, but a little too empty inside

Id Software, creator of such games as "Doom" and "Quake," has a new first-person shooter on the market, "RAGE."

Oddly enough, it's a bit of a misfire -- one that both draws and repels me. For every positive I can identify in the game-play, I find an equally compelling negative.

Don't get ripped off by Bodycount

I suspect I wouldn't have quite so many issues with "Bodycount" if it had just been released as a budget title. A $19.99 price tag would make up for many of its sins.

But no, this substandard shooter is retailing for $59.99, the same price as most top tier games. It's unconscionable.

"Bodycount" fails the racial sensitivity test

I recently started playing "Bodycount," a new first-person shooter published by Codemasters, on the Xbox 360. I'm only four or five missions into the game so far, so please keep in mind this article is not a review.

It's an indirect missive to Codemasters, asking them WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?!!

Choose your own path in "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"

Long before I started playing "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," I plotted in vain about how I'd behave in the game.

Some new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens

As promised, here's a bevy of newly released screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2, courtesy of Square-Enix. No, I don't have any explanation of what's going on in the images, other to say that Moogles tend to say "Kupo" alot.

Nintendo dropping price of 3DS to $169.99 on Aug. 12

Nintendo of America announced Thursday that it's dropping the price of its newest handheld gaming device, the 3DS, a little more than four months after it launched.

Currently priced at $249.99 at most retailers, the 3DS will be available for $169.99 at retail as of Aug. 12 — a savings of $80.