Playing Critic

Playing Critic

A Tale of Two Thors

SEGA sent me two copies of "Thor: God of Thunder" for review: one for the Wii, one for the Xbox 360.

The same story — one different from the recent movie's plot — is told in both games, but it's conveyed in different ways due to the power difference between the consoles. In fact, the play mechanics are also very different between the two versions.

Did heaven want my console?

Well, this sucks. Earlier today, my PlayStation 3 was lost to the Rapture.

That's how I think of its fatal hardware error, anyway, which happened right at about 6 p.m., the time forecast for the beginning of the end.

'Brink's' reach exceeds its grasp; still fun though

“Brink” is a game that reaches for the stars ... and falls short.

It’s chock full of interesting and somewhat daring new game-play ideas, but most of them don’t feel fully fleshed out. The result is a game that is good, but not great or brilliant.

Latest "Mortal Kombat" restores game's greatness

I remember the day well. It was in 1992, and I was a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I had wandered into my campus arcade inside Brady Commons, a regular haunt of mine, to find a new game had been installed.

Racin' Pro game controller's seat solid, but wheel's a little weak

Steering-wheel controllers, used by players to make their driving games feel more realistic, are nothing new.

You should be playing "Portal 2"

I love “Portal 2.” L-U-V, love it.

OK, if you follow my Twitter account or Facebook page at all, you might be inclined to believe that I made up my mind about that fact long before I ever played the game.

Fighting aliens has never looked as good as it does in "Crysis 2"

The battleground: New York.

Aliens have invaded, and most of the population is dead or dying, thanks to a plague sweeping the city.

You are a Marine called Alcatraz, a member of a squad sent covertly into Manhattan to make contact with an important scientist and evacuate him from the city.

Find out where you stand in the world of "Dragon Age 2"

The world of “Dragon Age 2” is a nice place to visit, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

'Press Start' for a good time at the movies

When the fate of the world is on the line, our greatest champions must go forth and save the day!

Except, ahem, what if they’ve already been captured?

Yeah ... that’s not good.