Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club LX

No pseudo-intellectual would ever want to go overboard in praise of a mere book.
But Daniel Brown’s “The Boys in the Boat, Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics,” a true story about the University of Washington’s championship rowing team, takes top honors in my reading competition.

Dey: Colorado embraces legalized marijuana

But is that really a good idea? The New York Times' David Brooks says no, not because he cares if some people smoke, but because he says a healthy society cannot be built on the backs of dopers.

Terror in the sky from Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club

Jim’s Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club — Volume LIX

Strap on your seat belt. You’ll need it because the latest recommendation from this pseudo-intellectual will take you to the flak-filled skies above Nazi Germany, where survival is a such a long shot that it can depend on a little professional courtesy from a German fighter pilot.

What kind of guy is the NFL's Aaron Hernandez?

A budding superstar who's been charged with murder, NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez

lived a double life. A profile from Rolling Stone explain.

Jim’s Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club: Vol. LVIII -- "Unbroken"

The reason that truly compelling personal stories are few and far between is because they border on the incomprehensible — seemingly more fiction than fact.
Louis Zamperini’s story was, unfortunately, all fact — triumph and then tragedy, despair and ... well, you’ve got to read it to believe it.

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club Vol. LVII -- good for what ails you

Is there a doctor in the house? If so, don’t let him near the patient.
That’s the essence of the story surrounding the 1881 assassination of President James Garfield, who had been in office for roughly three months when he was felled by an assassin’s bullet. The bullet to Garfield’s back wasn’t the major problem, Garfield’s doctors were.

Better living through chemistry?

   The race for athletic excellence has created a new form of competition -- scientists taking on scientists in an endless cat-and-mouse game of evasion and detection.

Linebacker's love story goes up in smoke


Deadspin broke the story of the non-death of Manti T'eo's fictional girlfriend.

Who cares if year-ahead predictions are wrong? No one remembers them anyway

Here's a few things to think about as we begin 2013.  A columnist from The Street predicts the future.

Interesting if not necessarily accurate. But who can say it's wrong?

The business behind the burger

If you haven't made it up to North Prospect Avenue in Champaign lately, there's a new burger joint.

It's called Five Guys, and it's the hottest "better burger" franchise in the market. Business is booming nationally for Five Guys, and the new one in Champaign is going great guns.