OK, genius, time to do your stuff.

OK, genius, time to do your stuff.

OK, semi-literates, here's a chance to prove you're not as ignorant as the average student attending elite Ivy League universities.

It's a little test put together by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Cal Thomas' Sunday column, which is quite interesting, is about how poorly even elite students do on tests that probe their understanding of the history of the United States and the free market system.

Naturally, people who read the column will wonder how they'd do on the same test.

I did.

So I took the test at the following link.


I scored 88.3 percent, getting 53 out of 60. Frankly, that, in my opinion, is a disgrace. But I was truly stumped by a couple of the questions, knew the answer on another but hit the wrong answer and was off by a couple of years on women's suffrage causing me to miss another.

I should have got 55 out of 60. But who cares about woulda, shoulda, coulda?

At any rate, take the test if you don't mind discovering just how dumb you really are. Report your scores.

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