When Hillary Clinton laughs, people wonder why

When Hillary Clinton laughs, people wonder why

There's an old saying that when people try too hard to analyze comedy it quickly becomes not very funny.

But what about analyzing someone's laugh, as in "Why is that person laughing? What does he/she mean by that?"

That's the latest stop in the public's enduring fascination with Hillary Clinton. In an unending effort to determine if she really is human or a robotic, hyper-calculating, ambitious pol, The New York Times looks into her laugh.

It's said that the grim, oh-so-serious presidential candidate has a sense of humor. That's hard to believe. It's also said that her sense of humor is so nasty that she makes a real effort to hide it from the public. That's not-so-hard to believe.

At any rate, what passes for Hillary's laugh, which she displayed on all the major networks two weeks ago, has been put on the couch for extensive examination by The New York Times.


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