Pseudo-Intellectual (March 2008)

Pseudo-Intellectual (March 2008)

Politics - two sides of the coin

The old (tactics) and the new (real reform)

Hillary put her life on the line...

...and this is the thanks she get?

Is the economy really that bad?

No, but that doesn't stop the headline writers

A plea (not from Bill) for Hillary to get out

Stop in the name of (Democratic Party) love

The audacity of Barack Obama

Most pundits swooned, but not all

Hope or narcicissm?

All politicians are egomaniacs, but ....

I'm a victim. No, I'm a victim.

Clinton, Barack fight to lead the pity party

Spitzer's rise and fall was great theater

Arrogant, apparently, really can be fatal

A different perspective on the Spitzer fiasco?

How did such a jerk get to be a big shot?