A plea (not from Bill) for Hillary to get out

A plea (not from Bill) for Hillary to get out

New York Times columnist David Brooks, one of the paper's few conservative writers, has jumped aboard the Obama love train.

In his column today, the former writer for The National Review and fan of Republican John McCain writes an imploring column urging Hillary Clinton to abandon her campaign in the name of party unity.

Brooks contends Clinton has no chance to win and can spread only discord in her effort to garner the Democratic Party nomination. That's not an unreasonable stance, but it's still somewhat presumptuous to tell Clinton what she ought to do. Clinton might not see the facts in the same light as Brooks.

Nonetheless, Brooks' words will be greeted warmly by the Obammunists and denounced by the Clintonistas. Meanwhile, the McCainiacs stand by and watch.

One thing seems clear, however. Clinton won't be taking Brooks' advice. Today she went after Obama's bigoted, paranoid and militantly ignorant former minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.


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