Politics - two sides of the coin

Politics - two sides of the coin

Two recent political columns, one from the Washington Post and the other from The Wall Street Journal, are of interest.

Voters will be hearing a lot about John McCain's alleged plan for 50 to 100 years of war of Iraq It's a great line for the Ds, one they've been using frequently. But those who are going to hear it at least ought to know what he really said and put his comments in the context of this country's history.

Krauthammer takes on that dirty job.

Then, there's the story of a new politician in a state, Louisiana, almost as corrupt as Illinois. Actually, Louisiana might be more corrupt than Illinois. That contest is a real horse race. At any rate, LSU fans have a new governor who appears to be both honest and competent, and Bobby Jindal, who could be the GOP's version of Barack Obama in terms of voter appeal,is shaking things up.

But Jindal has a big job ahead of him. Notice how the crooked pols in Louisiana, despite swallowing most of what Jindal has proposed so far, refused to give up legislative pensions for those who convicted of government-related corruption. Amazing.

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