What's the difference between Hillary and Barack?

What's the difference between Hillary and Barack?

New York Times' columnist David Brooks has an interesting column today, one that most people would consider a major indictment of not only the character but the humanity of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

He claims, in so many words, that she's a relentless attack dog who will do anything or destroy anyone to get what she wants.

Whoa! Not that's tough.

Barack, on the other, is really Obambi, too sensitive, thoughtful and kind to be believed.

Both portraits are just a tad overdrawn in my book. Hillary's portrait is the more accurate of the two. But let's not forget that Barack has thrived in the political mudhole of Chicago and rubbed elbows with some of the sleaziest pols the city has to offer. He's a tough hombre, certainly no choir boy.

But Brooks' column is interesting nonetheless. Hillary partisans will hate it.


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