Harsh words for the Messiah

Harsh words for the Messiah

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer makes a terrible accusation today against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

He charges that the sleek, charmer from Chicago is really nothing more than a grasping, ambitious (gasp!)politician.

That, of course, will come as a shock to some people in the Democratic Party and the news media. But the charge is hard to deny as Obama flees the political fringe on the left for the mainstream.

Why the guy is even embracing the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the Second Amendment and, even more shocking, expressing support for the death penalty. Anyone remotely familiar with Obama's personal and political history knows those positions are political contrivances that do not reflect his true feelings.

But a politician does what a politician does. At least, so say Krauthammer. Take a look.


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