Obama was outnumbered, but not outgunned

Obama was outnumbered, but not outgunned

I have, for a variety of reasons, been telling acquaintances that the social forces that control of the Democratic Party and are on the verge of a sweeping triumph in November represent a victory by the McGovernite forces who dominated the Democrats' chaotic 1972 convention.

Washington Post columnist Thomas Edsall doesn't agree. But, according to him, I'm close. He's tracing U.S. Sen. Barack Obama's impending nomination as the Democrats' presidential candidate to 1968, when Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley sent police into the streets to beat up demonstrators. Edsall makes an interesting cases that Obama's campaign organizers better understood the opportunities that grew up out of the 1968 fiasco that Hillary Clinton's campaign managers.

It's an interesting, but disappointing analysis of how small numbers of zealots can turn the political tide. The bottom line is that Sen. Hillary Clinton was outsmarted and outworked by Obama.


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