Pseudo-Intellectual (February 2010)

Pseudo-Intellectual (February 2010)

Jim’s Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club Volume XLIX

Ah, Johnny, we hardly knew ye. That’s what they say, but they’re wrong.
Many Americans are familiar with the broad outlines of the life of martyred President John Kennedy, who was elected in 1960. As the youngest person elected to the presidency, the 43-year-old Kennedy was a hugely popular politician cruising toward re-election when he was shot to death on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas.

Are liberals really condescending to those with whom they disagree?

University of Virginia political science professor Gerard Alexander wrote a commentary to that effect in Sunday's Washington Post.

It's pretty interesting and contains a fair amount of support for his theory. Of course, you can hear the liberals now, saying the conservatives are the ones who are condescending. Maybe they're both right.

But, for now at least, all there is to offer on the subject is Alexander's commentary.

So take a look.  You can read, can't you?

Whoops, now I'm being condescending. Sorry.