Are college sports simultaneously terrific and terrible? You decide

Are college sports simultaneously terrific and terrible? You decide

Big changes are coming to major college sports, and not just in the form of new super-conferences.

But the current movement among conferences is just one of the issues that will roil major college sports in coming years, as author Taylor Branch points out in a fascinating and comprehensive Atlantic magazine article.

Do you find the term student-athletes irritating? Did you know the term is a lawyer’s construct to help shield universities from workers’ compensation claims submitted by injured athletes?

Did you know the NCAA licenses the likeness of former college athletes to video game-makers and refuses to compensate these former athletes for their use? The NCAA claims it owns the rights in perpetuity to use the athletes’ personas for profit-making purposes

Are you aware of how far the NCAA will go to discourage college athletes from pursuing careers in professional sports, even barring them from relying on professional expertise as they make their decisions.

People love college sports, but they won’t feel too good about how the NCAA goes about its business after reading Branch’s article.



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wcwagner wrote on September 25, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Good article. I think the NCAA started as an organization that really did have the best interests of the students and the universities at heart. Unfortunately, it now appears to be just another organization focused on money, power, and control. The universities, who participated in its creation and growth, now are stuck with it and will probably assist in the dismantling, but will do so because of money, power, and control, but mostly because of the stacks of money waiting if they take control of the post-season tournaments.
Bill W.