Pseudo-Intellectual (September 2012)

Pseudo-Intellectual (September 2012)

Local immigrant makes good

Shahid Khan first hit the big-time in Champaign-Urbana, when he struck gold in the auto parts manufacturing business. But the immmigrant from Pakistan kept a fairly low profile, with the exception of Champaign-Urbana and its environs. Locally, he has been a very generous philanthropist and businessman.

Soap opera continues for former UI assistant Gillispie

Texas Tech head basketball coach Billy Gillispie, a former assistant coach at the University of Illinois, is out of the hospital, but not out of the woods.
He remains on the hot seat, and his coaching career is in doubt following complaints by players to the school’s athletic director about player abuse and violations of NCAA rules on the length of practice.

Former Illini hoops assistant in trouble (health and otherwise) at Texas Tech

It looks like Billy Gillespie, a key assistant under Bill Self at the University of Illinois, is in trouble again.

He's had issues with alcohol, including DUI arrests and a treatment program, but what's happening at Texas Tech goes beyond that.