Pseudo-Intellectual (October 2012)

Pseudo-Intellectual (October 2012)

Some people are taking all the fun out of "Bond, James Bond."


It's not supposed to be this grim. But some people can't resist. Love how Matt Damon contends the cold-blooded killer he plays is more acceptable than the one played by Sean Connery et al.

The life and troubles of Jesse Jackson Jr.

The famed Chicago news columnist Mike Royko used to sarcastically call the Rev. Jesse Jackson  "Jesse Jetstream," a sardonic take on the senior Jackson's lust for public attention.

Maybe even Democrats will find this amusing

American popular culture is irrepressible. No matter how serious a subject may be, there's always time to have a little fun with it.

In 2008, Barack Obama had the "Obama girl."  And now we have the 2012 equivalent.

You don't have to be a UI hoops fan to appreciate this

It's old news, but anyone who hasn't seen the video of the surprise reunion between UI hoopster Meyers Leonard and his U.S. Marine brother, Bailey Leonard, will enjoy watching this. For those who do not know, Bailey Leonard, who was serving in Afghanistan, showed up in C-U last spring and popped into an Illini pre-game practice. Meyers was, to say the least, taken aback.