When Hillary Clinton laughs, people wonder why

Question: What about your health care plan?

Answer: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ....

OK, genius, time to do your stuff.

This test separates morons from the merely stupid.

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club: Volume XXXV

"FDR" is a winner.

How big a travesty was the Duke lacrosse team rape case? Really big!

Elites ran amok when a stripper falsely cried rape

Immigration has an undeniable link to our national poverty rate

The PC police won't like this eye-opening commentary.

Is the GOP learning disabled?

The public hates politics-as-usual, but politicians love it.

Members of Congress gone wild

Is this really Congress? Or have the Israelis and Palestinians taken over the Capitol?

Bill Walsh -- architect of a game

Sports fans have been reading that Bill Walsh was a great coach.

Why, they might wonder? Here's why.

Another ugly turn for the Clinton campaign

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton is using an interesting ruse to raise campaign cash.

These anti-war protests are really getting ugly.

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton recently showed up on the Senate floor flashing some cleavage. Her display came after presidential rival John Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, accused her of acting like a man.

Now Hillary's anti-war critics have topped her.