The steroids article that has Roger Clemens steamed

Major League Baseball's regular season is over, but we still can look forward to stories about the players' steroid abuse. This one won't be going away anytime soon.

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club: Volume XXVI.

Dress up, pseudo-intellectuals, because it's time for an evening out at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. But tonight's performance won't be your standard fare. Instead, we'll be spending some time with noted actor and presidential assassin John Wi

Bad news for Mike Frerichs?

It's too early to tell what impact this decision will have on Democratic Illinois Senate candidate Mike Frerich's efforts to keep a third-party candidate off the ballot.

Interesting news of the day 9/15/06

Washington Post columnists Charles Krauthammer and David Ignatius give readers something to think about regarding U.S. relations with Iran. Krauthammer seems to think war is a certainty if we can't persuade all the ayatollahs to give up their pursuit o

It wasn't exactly '12 Angry Men'

I had an experience this week that's supposed to be interesting. But it wasn't.

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club: Volume XXV.

These days big-time athletes see the world as their oyster. Multi-million-dollar contracts, endorsements, public adulation are routine.

Is George Ryan on his way to the joint? Absolutely!

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan comes face to face with reality Wednesday, when he's scheduled to be sentenced at the U.S. Courthouse in Chicago.

Stories that I found interesting.

When you embarrass yourself on national television, why not try for an encore? At least that's the attitude of Kyra Phillips, the babolicious CNN anchorvixen. She gets a gold star for having a sense of humor.

More random news

Being a Philistine myself, I'm not much for art, although I do like that picture of the dogs playing poker. But it's always good to see paintins' go back where they belong.

Random news of the day

Will voters really buy the Democrats' anti-Wal-Mart rhetoric? Maybe? Should they? No. Curious? Read Robert Samuelson's Washington Post column.