Edgar's wife getting more and more strident in opposition

I hate to be too breathless about these things, but I can't resist passing along the latest I heard about Jim Edgar's back-and-forth

Edgar hems and haws about his future

9/10 News-Gazette column

Hard to believe Edgar will run, but he just might

As hard as it is to imagine, former Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar is looking more and more like he's really going to run for the Republican nomination for governor.

Rutherford vows high energy campaign for Secretary of State

He won't make it official until shortly after the Labor Day weekend, but state Sen. Dan Rutherford, the Pontiac Republican, is running for his party's nomination for secretary of state.

Great raid -- mediocre movie

On those rare occasions when I go to a movie, the experience reminds me why I rarely go to movies anymore.

Obama love-fest

It was a virtual love-in Thursday at the Illinois Terminal in Champaign when Democratic U.S. Sen. Barack Obama stopped by to answer questions at a town meeting. Even the anti-war protestors, who criticized Obama for not arranging the withdrawal of America

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club: Vol. XVIII.

Three Nights in August: Strategy, Heartbreak and Joy Inside the Mind of a Manager -- Buzz Bissinger

Love him? Hate him? But you can't ignore Bill Clinton!

Former President Bill Clinton remains one of the most maddening and brilliant politicians of his time, so it's no surprise that histories of his administration already are popping up.

Was gone for a while. Now I'm back for a while.

In response to accusations that I have not made any contributions to my web log for a few weeks, I plead guilty but with an explanation. I've been on the DL. Am better now and will be back at you with offerings I hope readers find of interest.