Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club: Vol. XVIII.

Three Nights in August: Strategy, Heartbreak and Joy Inside the Mind of a Manager -- Buzz Bissinger

Love him? Hate him? But you can't ignore Bill Clinton!

Former President Bill Clinton remains one of the most maddening and brilliant politicians of his time, so it's no surprise that histories of his administration already are popping up.

Was gone for a while. Now I'm back for a while.

In response to accusations that I have not made any contributions to my web log for a few weeks, I plead guilty but with an explanation. I've been on the DL. Am better now and will be back at you with offerings I hope readers find of interest.

Blago in trouble?. Don't bet too much money on it!

A Sunday article in The Chicago Tribune should have the political junkies foaming at the mouth. "Governor's ratings tank," screams the Tribune headline.

Like baseball? Murder? You might find these interesting.

The New York Times Book Review had a couple of especially interesting, to me, selections over the weekend.

Social Security blues

Given the problems President Bush is having selling his plans for Social Security, it's becoming increasingly clear that we'll be stuck with a bad program for a long time.

Sleeping with the fishes

New University of Illinois Chancellor Richard Herman paid me a surprise visit this week, one motivated by an April 23 News-Gazette column reference I made to him.

Da mob is back in da news

If you love stories about organized crime, be sure to check out the newspaper stories on the latest federal indictment against Outfit members in the Chicago area. Everything from the mob monickers to the stories of the hits on bigtime mobsters, like the

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club Vol. XVII

Hollywood has long been known as the dream factory, a place where illusion can replace reality. It was just the place for Archie Leach, who combined a handsome, dapper, reserved and confident persona with tremendous talent to build a hugely successful m