Fear and self-loathing?

Some stories, no matter how shocking, don't come as a big surprise. Did anyone really expect Hunter S. Thompson, the king of gonzo journalism, to die in his sleep? Given his self-destructive lifestyle, he just HAD to come to a bad end. And he did, putting

Sorry sweetheart, you're taking the fall!

I have a problem with books. There are so many good ones, and there is so little time to read them.

Nick Smith - The Fighting Illini's quote machine

He's not a starter, but Fighting Illini center Nick Smith is an All-American when it comes to interesting observations. Frankly, I'm not surprised since he's intelligent enough to appreciate the humor of Homer Simpson. Here's a Sports Illustrated story th

All hail Mayor Laurel!

Some people may be wringing their hands over Laurel Prussing's relatively narrow win in Tuesday's Urbana mayoral election. But I am not among them.