Two hard-core liberals at swords' points

The news media is getting the brawl it loves.

The cult of Obama to a foreigner

It's exhilarating, but still odd.

Why are politicians so despicable?

Because they'll say anything!

The Flashman series of historical novels is over

Author dies at 82

What's wrong with making a list, checking it twice?

It's only a matter of life and death!

Has the U.S. turned the corner in Iraq?

If so, all hail Gen. David Petraeus!

Calling all gadget freaks

Popular Mechanics lists '07's best gadgets.

Self-defense or murder?

Joe Horn didn't appreciate the burglars next door.

Attention sports fans

Creators of the Real Clear Politics web log have a site for sports.

Jim's Pseudo-Intellectual Book Club Vo. XXXVI.

How long would England sleep before waking to avert disaster?