Three questions with Alex Golesh

Three questions with Alex Golesh

Had a chance to catch up recently with Illinois football recruiting coordinator Alex Golesh.

Even with spring ball entering its final week, recruiting is never far from his mind.

What are the biggest needs in the Class of 2015?
Golesh: Offensive line is the No. 1 need by far.

The needs will flip from last year’s class. They’re more on offense this year.

We’ve got more offensive scholarships. Running backs and tight ends are big.

Wideouts aren’t as much of a need anymore.

We’ve got to replace two starters at tight end, and at running back we’ll have to replace Donovonn Young.

At the offensive line, shoot, we’ll take as many as can play.

In 10 days, the university will unveil the rebranding of uniforms. How much will you guys use that with recruiting?
Golesh: A ton. We talked in our staff meeting for a half hour about it the other day.

We haven’t seen any of it.

Coach Beckman is the only one who’s seen it.

We’re going to sell it in a big way.

Whatever it looks like, new is cool. Kids want to wear new stuff.

At the end of the day, you don’t necessarily want kids to be here because of a uniform.

You just want to create an excitement and a buzz.

You want Illinois to go across their Twitter timeline and you want Illinois to be featured in some way one more time on Instagram.

It’s new and gives you something different to talk about.

We’re using it in a huge way.

Once spring ball ends, the evaluation period starts on April 15. How do you plan that out?
I sit down with each coach and say, “How much time do you need here? How much time do you need there?”

The way we started it is the first two days are going to be used on our top, top guys in Illini Nation, with us pretty much focusing on guys in Illinois, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

We’re going to pair up as much as we can and go see our top guys.

We want to be the first ones in. After those first two days, we’ll finish our closeout meetings here with our guys and then we’re going to hit our primary areas for the first two and a half weeks.

The last week and a half to two weeks we’re going to spend by position. You’re allowed an academic evaluation and an athletic evaluation.

We’re going to try to do one evaluation by area and the second evaluation by position.

Down south, in Texas, Florida and Georgia where they’re practicing, it will be right there in the middle of May where we can get out.

We want to find some kids, but it’s accelerated so much you’re going to see kids, not so much find kids anymore.


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