The Starting Line

The Starting Line

'A good metaphor for life'

In the three years since Morgan Mahn became a

The Fit List

Here’s your list of upcoming races.

'I can't be disappointed'

Eric Vetter of Champaign skied the 29-kilometer (18-mile) Kor

The Fit List

Spring is coming (really!), and the race calendar is starting to fill up.

Switch up your run with a canine companion

When Kimberly Whitesell was looking for a dog

The Fit List

The Siberian-like temperatures should be gone by the weekend and it will a

A question of survival

I headed south two weekends ago, away from the

Learn, test skills for self-supported bike tours

Steve Hankel’s favorite way to travel is on tw

The Fit List

The Fit List has been on a very long hiatus -- life gets busy -- but it’s