The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Under the moonlight

The evening of the full moon in May offered something of a family adventure for Stephen Wald of Urbana, his wife Rachel Whitaker and their sons, 9-year-old Jesse and 7-year-old Peter. They biked along country roads under the moonlight with a large group of cyclists, with the boys fueled by the anticipation of ice cream and staying up late.


Martin Gruebele has ridden thousands of miles to prepare for the Race Across America, the 3,000-mile bike race he'll begin in two weeks.

But the key to finishing the race is not just the training he's done or how strong his legs are. It is the careful planning of every detail surrounding the nearly 10 days it will take him to ride from Oceanside, Calif., to Annapolis, Md.

The Fit List

Here's your list for the holiday weekend and beyond:


The Fit List

The Fit List has runs, bike rides, triathlons … check it out:



Peg Stierwalt grew up surrounded by cornfields, not water. But she's become passionate about the water sports of stand-up paddleboarding and paddleboard yoga.

The Tolono woman first tried stand-up paddleboarding in February 2015 while visiting friends in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. They paddled on canals in the area. "It was a very fun Florida thing to do," Stierwalt said.

The Fit List

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Come along for the ride

Lorrie Pearson started bike commuting 10 years ago, on Bike to Work Day. She was living in the Washington, D.C., area at the time, and she worked for an organization that was helping plan Bike to Work activities.

"We were encouraged to participate. I thought, if I can do this one day, I can do it again," Pearson said.

These are the folks who make the race RUN

Longtime runner Bill Thornhill looks forward to the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon every year, even though he's never run the race. Thornhill has been a course volunteer since the first year of the marathon, when he was hoping the new event would be a success.

The Fit List

I’m heading to the River to River Relay this weekend. I have friends headed to Boston for the marathon on Monday.

The Fit List

I can tell it’s spring when the race calendar starts filling up. So many races to choose from. Here’s your list: