The Starting Line (February 2010)

The Starting Line (February 2010)

Runner profile: Melissa Raguet-Schofield

This is the first of a series of profiles on runners training for one of the Illinois Marathon races.

Name: Melissa Raguet-Schofield
Hometown: Urbana
Age: 30
Occupation: Just completed Ph.D in biological anthropology.
Race: marathon

Melissa Raguet-Schofield thought she’d be running the Boston Marathon this spring. She qualified for Boston in Indianapolis in the fall of 2008. Then she became pregnant shortly after the marathon, so Boston was put on hold for a year.

Don't just sit there!

I knew sitting at a desk all day, looking at a computer, was not really good for my health.

But I’m a reasonably active person. I thought I exercised enough each week to counteract some of the negative aspects of a desk job.

So I was pretty dismayed to read that even for regular exercisers, sitting for a long period of time is really bad for you.

Illinois Marathon races filling up.

Do you want to run in one of the events at the Illinois Marathon this spring?

If you’re not yet entered, you might want to think about doing so soon — especially if you want to get into the half-marathon or marathon relay.

The half-marathon is 84 percent full, and the marathon relay is 78 percent full. Those two races will fill sometime in March, said the race’s co-director, Jan Seeley.

Fun in the snow.

Most winters I complain about how central Illinois just doesn’t get enough snow to suit me.
So we’ve had 26 inches of snow this winter, as of the end of last week. And I’ve been on skis exactly once.

Right after Christmas I headed to a park near my house on my cross-country skis. It was Sunday morning quiet, just one other skiier, a couple pulling a child on a sled, and three guys riding mountain bikes through the park.

Of course, I fell (twice) on a tiny little hill. I think the folks with the sled were too far away to see me.

Let's Move!

When it comes to changing behavior — whether it’s getting more exercise or eating more healthful foods — people need more than just information about what they should be doing.

They also need help in doing it — the availability of a safe place to play in the neighborhood or appealing school lunches, for example.