The Starting Line (May 2010)

The Starting Line (May 2010)

The Fit List

Looking for a way to get in some exercise before your Memorial Day barbecue or graduation picnic?

Head to Danville for the Memorial Day 5K on the grounds of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The race starts at 9 a.m. and is held on the grounds of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 1900 E. Main St. The race benefits programs for veterans.

Marathon recap

With the 2010 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon in the rearview mirror, co-directors of the race, Mike Lindemann and Jan Seeley, talk about some of the changes they made this year and how they worked. And they give us a preview of ideas they’re mulling for next year.

Marathon thanks

A Few Simple Words
By Mike Lindemann and Jan Seeley, Co-Directors of the Illinois Marathon

We have just a few words to say about the 2010 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

The Fit List

There are events for both runners and bicyclists in the next few weekends.

This weekend:
— Buffalo Trace Trail Run

Half-marathoner gets her medal

I wrote a story last week about Mariah Burt, a Champaign teacher who missed the Illinois Half-Marathon due to food poisoning.

She ran a half-marathon a week later on her own, and the PE teacher and kids at her school made her a medal to recognize her accomplishment.

Flexing Muscles

A pioneering study at the University of Illinois is combining imaging technology and clinical research to look at muscle quality in older women, and how diet and exercise can improve it.

The Fit List

Cyclists, there are opportunities for you to ride this weekend, race next weekend, or watch others race.

— Tour de Champaign/Urbana Grand Prix Cycling

The Tour de Champaign and Urbana Grand Prix are scheduled for the weekend of May 22-23.

Half-marathon makeup

She didn’t finish her run on the 50-yard line of Memorial Stadium.

She didn’t get an official Illinois Half-Marathon finisher’s medal.

But Mariah Burt couldn’t be more proud of the half-marathon run she did through Champaign and Urbana last weekend.

Yes, last weekend. A week after the Illinois Marathon races.

The Fit List

Now that warm weather is here and more fitness activities are scheduled, I’ll be providing a list of some upcoming events each week. The “Fit List” debuts today.

Biking to work

C-U Bike to Work Day on Tuesday brought out both novice and veteran bike commuters.

I was definitely in the novice category. I rode the 4 1/2 miles from my house to downtown Champaign Tuesday, the first time I’ve ridden to work. What a great way to get to work on such a beautiful day.