Half-marathoner gets her medal

Half-marathoner gets her medal

I wrote a story last week about Mariah Burt, a Champaign teacher who missed the Illinois Half-Marathon due to food poisoning.

She ran a half-marathon a week later on her own, and the PE teacher and kids at her school made her a medal to recognize her accomplishment.

Now Burt also has an official finisher’s medal from the Illinois Half-Marathon. An older couple left it at the school for her last week.

“They said they had volunteered at the half-marathon and read the article about me in the paper,” Burt said. “They felt I deserved to have a medal as well.”

Burt doesn’t know who they are. She wasn’t at school the day they left the medal, and they wouldn’t leave their names with the school’s secretary.

She wants to thank the anonymous couple and tell them how happy she is to have the medal, “but I don’t know how to do it.”

The medal is on her desk at school, and the medal made by the students and PE teacher is hanging on the wall next to her desk at home.

“It’s double inspiration for the next time I run,” Burt said.

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