The Starting Line (July 2010)

The Fit List

If you missed out on getting into the Champaign Park District Mini-tri next weekend, don't worry. There are lots of opportunities for triathlons, bike rides and runs coming up.

Organ donors, recipients savor the gift of life

Swimming feels more natural than walking for Stephanie Wetzel. She’d spend all her time in the water if she could.

She appreciates -- perhaps more than most -- being able to participate in a sport and compete. It makes her feel more normal, and strong. It helps her get past the idea of being “the sick kid,” or a person with limitations.

The Fit List

Want to relive your high school track and field days?

Urbana High School is hosting an open track meet next Friday, July 30, to benefit its cross-country program.

The “Run Like a Tiger” Invite is open to anyone, regardless of how long it’s been since you were in high school. But you must register by noon Tuesday.

The Fit List

Take your kids on a bike ride this weekend.

The Health and Wellness Family Bike Ride is a short, self-guided tour to spots in downtown Urbana.

A Place in the Sun

Along with his tennis equipment, Ken Welch carries sunscreen in his tennis bag. And he uses it regularly if he’s going to be playing outside for several hours.

The Fit List

Get your vegetables and your exercise on Saturday, July 17, in Urbana.

The Fit List

You can start your holiday weekend off with a 5K race and fireworks tonight, and take your pick of races on the Fourth.

There’s also some local races and a ride in the coming weekends.

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