Helping out in Joplin

Helping out in Joplin

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how runners can help with tornado relief in Joplin, Mo.

Runners registered for the canceled Boomtown Run Half Marathon could instead participate in the Boomtown Run Day of Service to help clean up the city. The race organizers kept registration open for runners who couldn’t come to Joplin, but who wanted to donate an entry fee to help defray the costs of the race and to help relief organizations in Joplin.

Paula Cler, 23, of Villa Grove, read about the Day of Service on the Runners World website.

“My first thought was how cool it was that the runners said, ‘We’re still coming. Give us something to do,’” Cler said. “My next thought was, I can help. I knew I couldn’t be there, but I knew I could do something to help.”

So she entered the Boomtown 5K and paid her entry fee, although she was actually racing a triathlon in Batavia that day.

Cler has run a handful of races for charity, and she does non-running-related volunteer work as well. She said reading about the runners willing to help in Joplin “makes me enjoy the running community all that much more.”



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pdcler wrote on August 13, 2011 at 10:08 pm

I got a nondescript manila envelope in the mail today. Turns out it was from the Boomtown Race Director in Joplin with some updates on the "race."
320 runners came to do clean up, sort donations, etc.
Three groups, including one in St. Charles, IL hosted their own Memorial Runs and raised over $19k.
270 runners registered after the race was cancelled.
Boomtown Run will be donating over $20k to United Way.

They are also considering pushing the race 3 weeks earlier next year to coincide w/ the tornado and host it as a memorial to the 158 people who lost their lives.

Thought you might be interested. Peace, Paula

Jodi Heckel wrote on August 15, 2011 at 8:08 am
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That's great! Thanks for letting me know, Paula. I love that runners raised that much money and helped with cleanup in lieu of running the race.