Runner's symposium this weekend

Runner's symposium this weekend

Runners preparing for one of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon races this spring can hear information to help them in their training at the Christie Foundation’s Runner Symposium.

The symposium is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Christie on Windsor, 1801 W. Windsor Road, Champaign.

Runners can learn from Christie physicians how to avoid or treat common injuries, what to eat to run their best, about cross-training in the pool, and how to prevent skin conditions aggravated by running, among other topics.

Christie Clinic is the title sponsor for the marathon, while the Christie Foundation focuses on education, said Marsha Osterbur of Christie Clinic. The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon races are April 27-28.

“This runners’ symposium was a great next step for the Foundation to provide services to the community,” Osterbur said.

The symposium will feature six physicians who will speak, then conduct question-and-answer sessions. Runners will also be able to visit various information booths that include pulmonary function testing, a treadmill and camera to check their stride, a nutrition table and a marathon table where they can register for the marathon weekend races.

“We’re going to be doing a lot in a very short time. It will be fast-paced,” Osterbur said.

The symposium was scheduled for late morning, she said, so runners could get in their Saturday long runs first. The event will include a light lunch.

So far, about 100 runners are signed up for the symposium.

Click here for more information about the event. There is a link to a Facebook sign-up page. Those not on Facebook can email Osterbur to sign up at

The speakers and topics for the symposium are:

— The Runner’s Heart, Abraham Kocheril, cardiology.

— Common Overuse Injuries: A guide to self-diagnosis, treatment and prevention, Denis Williams, orthopedic surgery.

— The Runner’s Foot and Ankle, Andrew Kluesner, podiatry.

— Aquatic Cross Training for Runners, Mildred Nelson, OB/GYN.

— Nutrition for Peak Performance, Nathan Walker, internal medicine.

— Butts, Nipples & Toes: A racy discussion of runners’ skin issues, Jeremy Youse, dermatology.

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