The Starting Line (June 2012)

The Starting Line (June 2012)

The Fit List

If you’re racing this weekend, don’t push it too hard in this heat and drink a lot of water. I’m hoping it starts cooling down some before Saturday evening’s race in Rantoul. Have fun, and have a happy Fourth!
Here’s the list:

Weekend of June 30-July 1:
Rockin the Runway

Le Grand Tour

If watching the Tour de France inspires you to get out on your bike, there’s a series of rides in Champaign-Urbana that might appeal to you.

OK, so we've got no Alpe d'Huez here, but there are plenty of nice, flat roads to ride on. Le Grand Tour de Champaign is a series of local rides that coincide with the Tour de France schedule.

Each dog has its day

Every other weekend, this group of runners meets on a Sunday morning for a romp on a trail through a prairie meadow.

For the two-legged participants — all dog lovers — it’s a run with man’s best friend.

For their four-legged friends, it’s an opportunity for some exercise, a change of scenery and a chance to get to know some new humans.

The Fit List

So many runs this weekend, and a ride in Decatur. If you run a race you really like, I’d like to hear about it.
Here’s the list for this weekend, as well as the next weekend and upcoming Fourth of July races.

Weekend of June 23-24:
Walldog Jog

The Fit List

Have fun if you are running Steamboat in Peoria this weekend. There are lots of 5Ks coming up in the next couple of weekends to choose from. Here’s the list:

Weekend of June 16-17:
Steamboat Classic

One step at a time

It was 10 days after spinal surgery when Van Hartman first ventured outside his Savoy home for a walk. He went from his front porch to the mailbox and back, and felt “pretty shaky.”

“It blew me away that I’d gone from marathons to stepping off the front porch of my house being a challenge,” Hartman said.

The Fit List

Running in high heels? Ouch! Not me. I’ll be running in regular running shoes along the lakeshore in Chicago Saturday morning. But if you want to give running in heels a try, head to Tuscola.
Here’s the list of races:

Weekend of June 9-10:
Marilyn Davidson High Heel Dash

The Fit List

It looks like we’ll have some awesome running weather this weekend. Lots of races to choose from, starting with a 5K this evening in Effingham.
Here’s the list:

Friday, June 1:
CASA’s 5K Night Run/Walk