The Starting Line

The Starting Line

She went all out ...

During a Spartan race in June, Janet Stroud faced a new challenge about every quarter-mile throughout the 9-m

Riding to Paris

The world’s best cyclists will complete the last stage of the Tour de France on July 23 by riding from Montge

Reading, writing and running

Melissa Raguet-Schofield is a veteran trail runner and ultramarathoner.

Kidding around

The setting was perfect for yoga -- a peaceful rural location on a warm, sunny, late spring afternoon, with a

Running out of breath?

It can happen to a highly-trained marathoner or a beginning runner, a high school soccer player or a college

Give it a TRI

Want to try a tri this summer?

Get ready to shred

Sara Haag has been mountain biking for about five years, starting shortly after she saw someone riding the tr

A family finish

Laila and Solomon Geht have made a tradition of coming to the University of Illinois campus each April for the Christie Clinic Illinois M

The Color of Determination

Andy Querio will take a trip down memory lane later this month when he runs the Christie Clinic Illinois Half Marathon through the campus wh