The Starting Line

The Starting Line


You need to get in your long training run for this spring's Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, but the roads and sidewalks are covered with snow that has become packed and icy. You can't bear to run 16 miles on a treadmill or around a small indoor track.

How to stay safe on the roads in bad weather conditions? Screw shoes.

Let's get tracking

Want to know not just how fast you ran your last run, but also how your pace compared to last week's or last month's run? Whether your heart rate was higher or lower than when you ran that distance last year?

The Fit List

Last week's Fit List had races through the weekend of Feb. 7-8, but I've got one addition for you swimmers: an upcoming master's swim meet in Danville. Here it is:

Ready to roll

Many runners use a foam roller to increase flexibility or relieve the tension of tight muscles. But when and how you use a foam roller makes a difference in how effective it can be.

The Fit List

Happy New Year! Ready to run? Here’s what I’ve got for the next several weeks:

Weekend of Jan. 10-11:

Illinois’ Version Fat Ass 50

Getting cold feet

Cross-country season has been over for two months, but many runners from Urbana’s middle school team are still running together. Since the end of the season, they’ve met for weekly runs on Sunday afternoons at the Urbana home of Marty and Becky Williams.

Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!

I'm waiting for snow. Rather impatiently, as I'm desperate to cross-country ski.

I enjoy cross-country skiing, but I'm pretty inexperienced at it. So, I really have no business attempting a 23-kilometer ski race. But I've entered it, and now I need to train.

The Fit List

The Fit List will appear sporadically during the winter, depending on the number of upcoming races. Here’s what I’ve got through the New Year:

Weekend of Dec. 13-14:

Gifts fit for an athlete

Black Friday has come and gone, and I have yet to purchase a single Christmas gift. This is nothing new, and I'm not panicking. Yet.

If you also have a lot of shopping to do and an athlete to buy for, you're in luck. I talked with several endurance athletes about what they hope to find under the tree and gift ideas for other athletes in their sports.

Here are their suggestions: